Where can I search for rental apartments in Germany?

Newly arrived or do you plan to move to Germany, and are you looking for a rental? Here, you can find some tips and links on where to search for rental properties/apartments in Germany. It is very important to set up alerts, if you are using an app, or look for new advertisements every day.

General sites to search for apartments in Germany


Depending on your preference for accommodation, one of the most used sites in Germany is ebay-kleinanzeigen.de. Here you can find apartments, houses, as well as shared apartments (WG = Wohngemeinschaft). Mainly private persons are offering their real estate on this website, so you don’t have to pay any brokerage (Makler) fees.


If you are looking for a shared apartment www.wg-gesucht.de is your go-to site.

Real estate sites

There are many sites where private persons, as well as real estate agents, are listing their properties, for example:

  • https://www.immobilienscout24.de/
  • https://www.immowelt.de/
  • https://www.immonet.de/
  • https://www.meinestadt.de/
  • https://www.housinganywhere.com
  • https://www.wohnungsboerse.net/
  • https://www.immobilo.de
  • https://www.immobilien.de
  • https://www.1a-immobilienmarkt.de/
  • https://www.markt.de/immobilien/
  • https://en.wg-suche.de/

Local real estate agents (Makler)

You can contact local real estate agents, such as:

  • LBS Immobilien GmbH
  • McMakler GmbH
  • Sparkassen-Immobilien GmbH
  • etc.

The drawback of using a local real estate agent is that you might have to pay brokerage commission (Maklerprovision). You can directly search for the city in which you are living or planning to move, e.g. Immobilien Makler <City Name>. It is highly likely that they can find an apartment for you.

Local newspapers

Some local newspapers not only advertise apartments in the paper but might also publish their listings online.

Housing associations (Wohnungsgesellschaft)

You can contact the local housing association. You shall type into the browser Wohnungsgesellschaft <City Name> and find their contact. You might need to become a shareholder in order to be eligible to rent an apartment. The good thing is that you can sell your shares when you move out.

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